Sunday, 15 January 2017

Checking In - January 2017

Making: The hexie blanket pictured above - it is so wonky and I don't know why! I've spent ages trying to figure out whether I've gone wrong with a pentagon somewhere... Perhaps blocking will do the trick.

Cooking: Lot's of fish - I got some Body Coach recipe books for Christmas and I have to say his recipes are really tasty - and filling.

Drinking: Lot's of Rooibus tea - I've given up caffeine and I feel much better for it - to my utter amazement I haven't had a 'proper' cup of tea this year

Reading: Wolf Hall. It's taking a long time but I am getting there. Once I get into it I really enjoy it but it doesn't seem to be one I can just pick up and get on with.

Wanting: Less wet weather. Snow is fine but heavy rain is not.

Looking: At lots of gardening books for out allotment, trying to suss out the best breeds of plants

Enjoying: Lots of hard work at the allotment - above shows the progress we have made after one day spent clearing the horrible grass that covers the plot. A long way to go but although I ache all over it's remarkably rewarding.

Wishing: For a happy year ahead

Considering: What sort of soup to make for lunches this week. Broccoli and Stilton or Split Pea and Leek?

Smelling: My beautiful yankee candle

Buying: Seeds for the allotment!

Watching: Sherlock of course, and we are quite enjoying Silent Witness and Oh Dear. Big detective show fans in this house.

Noticing: It doesn't get as dark as early!

Feeling: Settled. It's nice.

Hearing: Monkey sounds - there's a wildlife programme on in the background

Planning: A trip to the states - we are hoping to go for two weeks at the end of April. A big part of the trip will hopefully be to drive through some Canyons - a bit of a life's dream.

Cringing: Trump's inauguration...

Knowing: Spring is on its way :)